Want to get involved in space research but don’t know where to start? Here we have compiled some resources to help you out.

Presentation Skills

Giving a good presentation is an important part of being a scientist. Here you can find resources prepared by ASGSR student officer Anjali Gupta on how to give an effective presentation!

Learning More about Space Research

There’s more science going on in Earth’s orbit than you might think, and it’s not all planetary science and astrophysics! Microgravity lets us study a huge variety of scientific phenomena related to biology, fluid mechanics, and materials science. To learn more about the different fields that ASGSR scientists and students research, click here.

Finding a Principal Investigator

If you’re a high school student heading to college soon, or an undergraduate who wants to apply to graduate programs to do space research, check out the NASA TaskbookThe Taskbook search lets you find all the grants that NASA has awarded in all the fields related to gravitational science. Search the grants for topics you find interesting, and if you find a project with a recent award (past couple of years), contact the PI to see if he/she is hiring!

Competitions, Awards, Internships, and More

In addition to our own student competition, the Ken Souza Student Memorial Spaceflight Research Program, we have compiled a list of external student opportunities such as internships, research positions, scholarships, and competitions. Click here to see the list of Opportunities!

STEM opportunity database from USA Government

The US government has compiled a database for opportunities for STEM students for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Post-doc Resources

If you’re a graduate student looking for post-doc fellowships, check out this list of fellowships in Life Sciences from MIT’s Broad Institute, and this list of post-doc opportunities with NASA