Student Officers

Student officers of ASGSR help to coordinate student events including social events, educational and outreach activities, and more. Feel free to get in touch with us!

Student President


Jordan McKaig is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan and a recent space policy intern at the National Academy of Sciences. She got her start in space biology in 2018 through the Space Life Sciences Training Program (SLSTP) at NASA Ames Research Center, returning in 2019 as a program coordinator. Jordan is very interested in space policy, planetary protection, microbial evolution, life detection, rovers, and high-altitude ballooning, and plans to begin her PhD in the fall.

Twitter: @jordanmckaig



Elizabeth is an undergraduate student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University majoring in engineering with a minor in math (and a major addiction to Mc Donald’s). Although her academic field of study is engineering, she has worked in molecular and cellular biology research labs. Her focus is on the interface of engineering and biology, and how these two fields can be used to further our understanding of the mechanisms of life and create technology to improve quality of life for those with diseases and genetic disorders. Space research offers a unique environment to further our understanding of life. With a renewed public focus on space exploration, Elizabeth would like to be a part of the next generation of scientists and engineers who safely send humans beyond Earth.

Education and Outreach Co-Chair


Andy is currently a research Associate at Kallyope. Andy graduated from Pomona State College with a B.A in molecular biology and Gender & Women’s studies. He previously acted at the ASGSR Student Board’s DC TRip coordinator.His first exposure to space-related research began during his final year of high school at the Laboratory for Advanced Sensing at NASA Ames, and his research since has focused on mechanisms of neurodegeneration in the contexts of Alzheimer’s disease pathology and of the spaceflight environment. He is passionate about mobilizing scientists to participate more actively in political discourse. He is always also working to create spaces of support for queer scientists, and he believes that the best science only emerges when our community is equally accessible to and accepting of all individuals across difference. Outside of work, you can usually find Andy exploring the local metro system, struggling to write poetry, or camping under the stars.

Education and Outreach Co-chair

Mikayla Buckley

Mikayla is a Senior Undergraduate at Florida State University studying Computational Biology. Mikayla was part of the 2019 SLSTP Chorot, and worked with Homer Fogle and the NASA GeneLab data processing team.

Merchandise Coordinator 

Bianca Serda

Bianca is a senior undergraduate at the University of New Mexico Albuquerque. Bianca is a NIH MARC Scholar, and a NM AMP scholar. Bianca was also a member of the SLSTP 2019 cohort, working in the Aerobiology Lab under Dr. Samantha Waters and Dr. David Smith.

Web, Social, & Social Media Coordinator 

Taylor Walton

Taylor is a senior undergraduate studying biochemistry at Arizona State University. Taylor has been an ASU/NASA Space Grant scholar three years on a row, working on a variety of projects focused on extremophilic microbes. Taylor was also privileged to be in the SLSTP 2019 cohort, working with Valery Boyko and the NASA GeneLab sample processing team on metagenomic of sequencing mouse fecal samples from Rodent Research Missions. Taylor is passionate about microbial ecosystems, astrobiology, and educating the public about all this exciting research. Taylor enjoys camping, hiking, and casual video games.

DC Trip Coordinator

Tristan Caro

Tristan Caro is a PhD student at the University of Colorado, Boulder in their Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology program. Tristan received his B.S form the University of California Berkeley in Molecular and Cell biology. Tristan was a member of the SLSTP 2017 cohort, and a program coordinator for the 2018 Cohort.